Success at the Frugal Journey

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes it is a quiet voice at the end of the afternoon . . “I’ll try again tomorrow.”

~Mary Anne RadmacherI’ve been looking forward to this very day and dreading. I look forward to today because I understand I have feel that I know how to ride my bicycle. There were just a small number of living sites and about the identical quantity of private finance sites, when I first started Frugal for Life back in 2004. There was not much online from layperson information for someone wanting to live on less and make the most of their dollar – I made a website that I wanted to see to fill the emptiness I couldn’t find.Putting together the website was a learning experience from studying HTML coding and how to make a little cash from advertising to learning what frugal living means to me personally and what I find of value throughout that process.Over the last 6 plus years I have learned quite a lot from the other private finance and frugal living sites that have sprouted up across the online highway. Readers have challenged me to question what I find of value and been supported along this journey that was frugal. It is the readers I am most grateful for your opinion counted and I read every reason is since I’m not the sort of individual. I just keep it short and figure I shall see you around later. It is time to say move on to other concerns. You may say that living will not not be an issue for me personally or I have a short attention span; and you’d be correct. As I said above, I’ve come to a place where I no longer need the training wheels of the website in order to assist me on my trip and now it is time to proceed down the road and venture into other areas of my life that need more focus. There are five ideas I will always keep in the back of my thoughts that I feel are at the center of frugal living.Buy Quality – Get the most for your dollar and the most from your dollar. Make it survive and use it several ways.
Do Research – Read labels, test results, customer opinion and when I could, keep it easy.
Time = Cash – What amount of time on the job am. Is the cash saved worth the time spent.
Defer Gratification – Utilize the 24 hour choice window, my creative eye opens for options to purchases
Live Less – Live under my salary, not at my salary.
I know what to do in most situations, it has become second nature, I am living the life that I write about and it isn’t anything much to write home about. At the very least nothing that 6 individuals aren’t already writing about in their own unusual ways.Speaking of what other people write, I’ll still pop up every now and again in the comments to speak my thoughts on something. So we’ll likely see each other around the private finance and frugal blogosphere. I even gave one last interview over at within their Best of the Best Blogger series.Goodbye and see ya around!
Flickr/cc- Klearchos Kapoutsis
Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the ending.
They simply mean I’ll miss you
Until we meet again!